Bathroom Sinks Rectangular vs. Oval Advantages and Disadvantages

Bathroom Sinks: Rectangular vs. Oval: Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing a bathroom sink is more complicated than you think. Aside from the brand, design, and size, the shape is another important factor to consider. Will you choose an oval or a rectangle bathroom sink?

Will it have an impact on the design that you’re trying to achieve in your bathroom? Definitely! We will talk about the benefits of having a rectangular or an oval sink and help you figure out the best shape to use for your bathroom.

Oval vs Rectangle Bathroom Sink


It’s hard to decide whether you should get an oval or a rectangle vanity sink. Although they both look great for your bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you can choose any shape for the design that you want. Sometimes, you need to look at the bathroom style that you want and make sure that the shape of the sink would fit perfectly.

Here are some of the important things to know about an oval and rectangle sink.


Oval Bathroom Sink

Oval sinks are known as the classic option. This is the most common choice because traditional bathrooms are using this shape for their sinks. It is also a safer design as it would fit almost any design that you want. We listed down some of the pros and cons of using this type of sink.

The Benefits:
  • Easy to Style

Compared to a rectangle undermount bathroom sink, oval sinks are easier to pair with almost any style or color of the bathroom. You can pick any theme for your bathroom and an oval sink will always be a good pick. It means that you can never go wrong with an oval sink.

  • Good for Any Countertop

It doesn’t matter what type of countertop you’re using. Even if it’s just a small countertop, an oval sink will always be a good choice. The main reason behind this is its simple design.

  • Space Savers

Oval sinks are the best choice if you have a small bathroom. As you all know, these sinks are very small so they won’t take up too much of the countertop space. You can just place it in the middle and the remaining space of your countertop can be used as storage for your personal hygiene kit.

Take note that oval sinks also work on countertops placed in the corner of the bathroom. No matter how small your bathroom is, an oval sink will always fit in with ease.

  • Bowl-Shaped Design

The bowl-shaped design is one of the best choices if you are going to use an oval sink. This is the newest model that you can use if you want something deeper. This oval sink can offer better water depth than rectangular designs and it would prevent water from splashing around the counter.

The round shape design is also good for drainage as the water won’t get stuck on the sides.

  • Easier to Clean and Maintain

There are literally no corners in an oval sink so there are no nooks and crannies that you need to check for dirt. The corners can be a home for dirt, dust, and germs so by using an oval sink, you won’t have to worry about it. This is why they are easier to clean and maintain compared with a small rectangle bathroom sink.

The Drawbacks:
  • Out of Date

Although oval sinks can fit almost any design, it is already outdated. There are other shapes that would complement a modern design better than an oval-shaped sink. However, it will always depend on how you view it. If you think that an oval sink is a better choice, then feel free to use it in your modern bathroom.

  • Not Applicable for Large Bathrooms

While an oval sink fits a small bathroom, it won’t be a good choice for a large bathroom, especially if you want your sink to be a bit bigger. There’s a limit on the size of an oval sink and once they go beyond that size, they will look weird.


Rectangle Bathroom Sink

Oval sinks are made for classic bathroom designs while rectangular bathroom sinks are made for modern baths. This type of sink features squared corners and clean lines. They add elegance to your bathroom vanity and provide a bigger area to wash your face and brush your teeth. Let’s find out some of the best reasons to pick a rectangular sink.

The Benefits:
  • Unique and Stylish

If you want your bathroom to stand out, a rectangular sink will always be the best choice. This type of sink can bring a whole level of elegance to your bathroom. You can even bring a striking touch to your bath without changing a lot of fixtures.

  • Sleek Design

With the straight and clean corners of the rectangular sinks, it will surely fit in any modern bathroom design. Even if you are using a traditional theme for your bath, you can also benefit from the sleek design of this sink.

  • Perfect for Large Bathrooms

Rectangular sinks are usually big and take up a lot of space so it is a perfect choice for large bathrooms. This type of sink can complement the extra space. Even if you have a big countertop, this sink will complement the extra space.

  • Extra Space on the Sink’s Rim

One of the main benefits of using a rectangular sink is the space that you can use on the rim. It means that you can put the small items that you use when you are taking a bath around the rim and use the other space on the countertop to store other things.

The counter space will then be used for other items like hand soap, toothbrushes, moisturizers, and more.

The Drawbacks:
  • Takes More Space

Compared to the oval sink, a rectangular sink takes up more space on your bathroom countertop. If you only have a small countertop, it may not be a good idea to use a rectangular model as it would be too cramped. It will also look weird, especially if you only have a small space left on the countertop.

  • Shorter Depths

The depths are shorter compared with an oval sink. They are bigger and wider compared to an oval sink, but they are not too deep. Although it’s not a big issue, a lot of people are concerned about splashing water on the countertop.

  • Harder to Clean

In a sense, rectangular sinks are harder to clean and maintain because of the corners. The dirt and mold can accumulate there and you won’t even notice them unless you look closely.


Bathroom Sink Buying Considerations

From the comparison above, it’s safe to say that choosing a bathroom sink is not easy. Aside from the shape, there are other important considerations to check to make sure that you are choosing the right one. Let’s find out the elements that you have to consider when buying a bathroom sink.

1. Style

Most people would focus on style more than anything else. All types of sinks offer the same thing and that is to allow you to wash your face and hands without opening the shower. It is a more convenient way to do your beauty routine in front of the mirror.

This is the reason why most homeowners would choose a sink based on its design. Like what’s mentioned above, you need to decide on the shape of the sink. Modern sinks come in different styles and designs so you should choose based on the theme that you want to use for your bathroom.

2. Mount

You also have different options on how you want your sink to be mounted. If you want a clean and sleek look, you can get an integrated sink. If you are not a fan of this design, you can opt for a flush-mount sink that can also provide the same sleek look.

You can go with an undermount sink just like the models installed on your kitchen countertop. It will be installed under the countertop, which would allow you to clean the surface with ease. If you don’t want any complicated installations, a top-mount sink will be your best choice. In this design, the sink will rest at the top of the counter.

If you don’t want a countertop sink, you can go with the traditional bowl set mounted on a pedestal or stand. This will give your bathroom a more traditional or classic look.

3. Space

When choosing a bathroom sink, you need to be very accurate especially when it comes to the available space in your bath. Take note that you will have to figure out where the fixtures will be installed before you can finalize the space intended for your bathroom sink.

You need to measure the available space that you have and choose a sink based on the space available. Remember that if you have a small bathroom, you should forget about rectangular or square sinks as they take up more space. you can go with an oval sink instead as they would help you save more space.

4. Storage Option

When you’re buying a sink, you need to consider whether you’re going to add storage below or you will opt for a simple countertop without anything underneath. Most people would want to have a small cabinet below the countertop as it would be a storage space for bathroom essentials. You can also place unused towels there.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are choosing an oval or a rectangle bathroom sink, you need to know exactly how they can impact the design of your bathroom. You can pick any shape you want, but you have to make sure that the space is enough for the sink that you’ve chosen. Always consider the other elements in your bathroom before you decide.

If you are looking for the best bathroom sinks, we’ve got a wide range of items that you can consider.